Dr. Chou - Pacific Comprehensive Pain Management


In short, our mission is to relieve pain by providing comprehensive, quality and cost-effective medical care by a fellowship trained and board certified pain management anesthesiologists. With expertise in advanced interventional pain management techniques and integrated traditional Chinese acupuncture, the successful treatment of patients who suffer from acute, chronic, and cancer pain disorders is our goal.

As a pain specialist, I do not believe the old saying, “No pain, No gain.” Athletes often endure pain after training in order to achieve muscular gain. However, this is unacceptable for patients suffering from pain disorders. There are various reasons for the cause of pain. The more we understand the pain, the more complex it becomes. Early diagnosis and treatment are important to prevent irreversible changes and chronic suffering. The choices of diagnostic and treatment techniques are sophisticated, far more advanced than pain killer pills. Pain is often under-treated and ignored by the health care providers and the family members. Patients who experience pain suffer. As scientists discover more about the origin of pain, newer and more advanced medication and techniques develop.

At Pacific Comprehensive Pain Management, we combine traditional Chinese acupuncture with modern-day medicine for a truly effective treatment for some cases.
By integrating advanced pain management techniques with other specialties, we are able to provide the best personal care for your pain.

For victims of pain: We can help you managing the pain so you can start gaining back your life and dignity.

– Stanley Chou, M.D. FACPM –